The SPC Student Ambassador Award
The Singapore Professional Centre's Student Ambassador Award was first initiated in 1993 with the main objective of familiarizing the Singaporean youth with the concept of global networking. It also aims to increase students' awareness of the importance of career planning in addition to stimulating thoughts and discussions among students on the career choices available to young Singaporeans in Singapore and outside the country and to emphasize on current national issues.
In order to achieve the award, students will have to meet a list of criteria which includes good records of academic achievements, extra-curricular activities and good character. In addition, they will also have to be nominated by their educational institutions with endorsements from their respective principals.

All participants will be given a Certificate and the Top Award winners will be sent on a one-week study tour abroad, the Merit Winners will be given book vouchers and Commendation prizes will also be given if the standard of participation is exceptionally high.

Mr Wong Kan Seng, Minister for Home Affairs, who presented the awards to the winners of the first group of SPC Student Ambassadors, during the office opening of CAREER '94 incorporating Recruitment '94 commented that the award was one way to help Singaporean youth develop an international perspective and understand the developments in Singapore, in the region and in the world. He added that the "insights they obtain will help them envision world events and set their own horizons".
The first contest held in 1994 was an English Language Speech Contest and in 1995, 1996 and 1997 it was a Bilingual Contest. In 1998, it was an interview based on scholastic abilities, outstanding extra-curricular contributions, interpersonal skills and leadership qualities. Realising the need for emphasis on knowledge-based economy, the contests in 1999 and 2000, were a 5-minute Multimedia Presentation based on current national issues.

1994 : English Speech Contest | 1995 : Bilingual Speech Contest | 1996 : Bilingual Speech Contest
1997 : Bilingual Speech Contest | 1998 : Interview Scholastic abilities | 1999 : Multimedia Presentation
2000 : Multimedia Presentation | 2002 : Written Test & Interview

English Speech Contest Singapore and Beyond: A Better Tomorrow or Singapore and Beyond: A Young Singaporean's Perspective

1st  Srinivasan Raghavan, Anderson JC
2nd Koh Su Lynn, Nanyang JC
3rd  Alvin Leo Chin Hui, Seletar Institute
Prizes Tour Study to:
(1st) Australia,
Host Accommodation Organiser:
Professional Centre of Australia
The University of Sydney, International House

(2nd) Indonesia
Host Accommodation Organiser:
Asean Secretariat, Indonesia
Miss Flordeliza S. Melandez

(3rd) Malaysia
Host Accommodation Organiser:
Malaysian Professional Centre, Malaysia
Mr Jacob Thomas

Consolation Yeo Jade Li Judy, Hwa Chong JC
Lim Tze Kiat Elvin, Raffles JC
Ho Kheng-Mun Leon, Victoria JC
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Bilingual Speech Contest Meeting the Global Challenge
in Japanese and English
Top Winners
Teo Siew Hoon, River Valley High School
Phua Wei Sen, Raffles Institution

May Yee, SPC project Manager

Prizes Study attachment in Fukuoka, Japan
Host Accommodation Organiser:
Fukuoka Alumni, Japan
Ms Yoko Kawamura
Hidenori Tomooka
Mr Naoe Kobayashi

Chua Yiak Hwa Clarence, Raffles Institution
Lim Ee Thian Eugene, St Joseph's Institution
Lim Hui Chen, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School
Ong Lee Hui, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School

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Bilingual Speech Contest Better Opportunities, Brighter Future: Nurturing Entrepreneurial Spirit Among Young Singaporeans or Better Opportunities, Brighter Future: A Young Singaporean's Perspective in French and English
Top Winners
Ng Li Sa, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School
Wang Zuo Min, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School
Tan Yin Ying, Singapore Chinese Girls' School
Prizes 1 week study tour in Cognac, France
Host Accommodation Organiser:
Accueil France Famille, France
Mr Delbouys
Financial Planner
Lee Foundation

Ho Wei Jiang, Raffles Institution
Kuok Huei Wen, St Nicholas Girls' School
Tan Chin Kwan Jonathan, St Joseph's Institution

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Bilingual Speech Contest Nurturing a Caring and Capable Singaporean in English
In German and English Partners in Development :
Singapore - Germany Cooperation in German
Top Winners
Loke Wei Ling Fiona, Raffles Girls Sec Sch
Jen Wei Ching, Raffles Girls Sec Sch
Tang Kin Ching, Catholic High School (Sec)
Prizes 1 week study tour in Maxdorf, Germany
Host Accommodation Organiser:
Ministry of Education Language Centre, Singapore
Mr Toni Sattel
Ms Karin Schwarz
Mr Gebhard Ziegler
Lee Foundation, Singapore
Ins Communications Pte Ltd

Shamini Thamy, Tanjong Katong Girls' School
Ho Su Pei, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School
Idzhani Bte Kailani, Cedar Girls' School

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Interview: Scholastic abilities, outstanding extra-curricular contributions, interpersonal skills and leadership qualities.
Top Winners
Chen Shiling, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School
Sim Shin Chiet, Damai Secondary School
Wong Yen Ling Jocelyn, River Valley High School
Prizes 11 day study tour in London & Newcastle, UK
Host Accommodation Organiser:
The Association of International Accountants, UK
Mr Philip Turnbull
Mrs Christine Harbottle
Mrs Karen Wharton
Lee Foundation, Singapore

Tan Wan Lin, Methodist Girls' Secondary School
Ronald Tan Ming Ren, St Joseph's Institution
Chen Yu Ping, Raffles Girls' Secondary School

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Multimedia Presentation The World Our Market, Singapore Our Home
Top Winners
Raffles Girls' Secondary School:
Tang Zhi Hui,
Mok Ying Ting,
Cheong Kai Lin
Prizes 1 week attachment in Vancouver, Canada
Host Accomodation Organiser:
Mr Gene S Chan
Mr Gene S Chan
Lee Foundation, Singapore
Merit Winners

Nanyang Girls High School:
Hong Yi,
Chen Yanru,
Choi Pik Kie Peggy

Commendation CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School
Damai Secondary School
St Joseph's Institution
St Margaret's Secondary School
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Multimedia Presentation Care to Learn, Learn to Care
Top Winners
CHIJ Secondary School (Toa Payoh):
Renu Rajan Menon,
Teh Zhi Ling Alvina
Julie Natalia Wee
Prizes 1 week attachment in Beijing, China
Host Accommodation Organiser:
Beijing BISS International School
Beijing BISS International School
Lee Foundation, Singapore
Merit Award

Methodist Girls' Secondary School:
Lim Shu Ning
Cammie Lee
Adele Li Wei

Commendation Bukit View Secondary School
CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School
Nanyang Girls' High School
Raffles Girls' Secondary School
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Written Test & Interview: Scholastic Achievement, Involvement in Co-curricular/Extra-curricular Activities and Contribution to Community Service
Building Bridges: Charting Courses
Top Winners Kan Har Ye, Hwa Chong Junior College
Chng Xue Ru, Jurong Junior College
Amanda Ang Tian Wei, Victoria Junior College
Prizes 1 week attachment in Narita, Japan
Host Accomodation Organiser:
A/Prof Lui Hah Wah Elena, PBM

Asst Prof Terriyuki Fujita
Institute of Education
University of Tsukuba
Merit Winners Pao Jiayu, Hwa Chong Junior College
Seow Zhixiang, Hwa Chong Junior College
Teo Zizhong, Catholic Junior College

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