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Based in the UK, the Association of International Accountants (AIA) has promoted and supported the advancement of the accountancy profession both in the UK and internationally.

Under the Companies Act 1989 the AIA accountancy qualification is a recognised professional qualification for company auditors, for those choosing to undertake the required practical training with a registered auditor. Members of AIA holding the audit qualification can practise as registered auditors in the UK under the control of a recognised supervisory body.

The professional qualification offered by the AIA will enable you to meet all the challenges of a complex modern international business environment with the potential to rise to the top in any financially based career. The high standard of the AIA professional qualification is maintained by the independent and external moderation of the examinations.

The AIA was specifically founded to provide an international organisation for professional accountants and is fully committed to the ongoing achievement of this original aim. The AIA has a network of branches in many countries throughout the world including UK, Ireland, Europe, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, Africa, and the Caribbean. The branches provide an active international framework for the Association offering support and guidance for students and members. The AIA world-wide network also exists to promote awareness of developments in accounting.

The AIA examination structure comprises three levels, split into six modules (two modules per level) with a total of 16 papers.

Foundation level - topics include Accounting, Economics, Cost Accounting Law, Auditing and Taxation, Statistics and Data Processing.
> Professional Level I - topics include Auditing, Company Law, Management Information, Business Management, Management Accounting.
 Professional Level I I - topics include Advance Financial Accounting, Financial Management, Professional Practice (Auditing)

The AIA operate a policy of exemptions designed to reduce repetition for students who have attained a qualification of an acceptable standard. Most graduates will be exempted from whole or part of the AIA Foundation Level and depending upon your discipline, further exemptions may be available at Professional Level I.

Examples of some of the exemptions AIA offers are as follows:
Qualiflcations exempted from Foundation Level
. . .
AAT final level
BTEC - HNC/D Business and Finance option
Diploma of Management Studies (DMS)
BAEC Accountancy Foundation Course
SCOTVEC HNC Accountancy
UK Degrees - General

Qualiflcations exempted from Foundation & Professional I
UK Business Study Degrees
SCOTVEC HND Accountancy
UK Accounting Degrees

Publications providing guidance and regulations in matters relating to studentship, examinations, experience and training and in relation to qualifications attainable through the AIA, and other information, may be obtained from

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